Cluver Markotter


At the heart of Cluver Markotter lies the belief that excellence in law extends beyond expertise to ethics and client service. From our experienced directors to our driven candidate attorneys, our team is committed to guiding you through every legal challenge. Beyond legal representation, we believe in building relationships built on trust and understanding.

Our Directors

Our directors lead the way with years of experience and represent Cluver Markotter’s vision. This visionary leadership ensures that every client benefits from our experience.


Our consultants play an important role and bring specialised knowledge to the table. With a history of demonstrated expertise, they work closely with our teams.

Senior Associates

The dedication of our senior associates provides our clients with legal insights. They ensure that our clients always have expert guidance at hand.


Our associates bring fresh ideas and unique skill sets that ensure we are well-equipped to address a diverse range of legal challenges.

Candidate Attorneys

Our candidate attorneys represent the next generation of legal excellence. They use their skills under the guidance of our team members to uphold the Cluver Markotter standard.


At Cluver Markotter, we don’t just hire; we invest in potential. Our appointment process focuses on candidates who exhibit the promise to uphold our legal standards.

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