Cluver Markotter is proud to carry on a legacy of trust and highest ethical standards that date back more than a century. Recognising the same pursuit of excellence in our chosen specialist fields of law, we draw inspiration from our clients. We set ourselves the goal to meet the legal challenges faced by our clients with dedication and success.

Cluver Markotter proudly claims its origin from the merging of two firms, Paul & AH Cluver and Markotter Basson & Marais. The Cluver heritage dates back to October 1891, when Paul August Carl Dietrich Cluver was admitted as attorney and started to practise at 6 Bird Street, Stellenbosch, under the name of PD Cluver.

Paul Cluver was a prominent public figure and played a meaningful role in the Stellenbosch community. He served as Mayor of Stellenbosch from 1914 to 1921, and from 1927 to 1930 he served as member on the Provincial Board. He was held in such high esteem on local management level that he became the first person to be nominated as honorary lifelong member of the Municipal Association of the Cape.

In July 1916 his brothers, FA Cluver and AH Cluver, joined him as professional assistants. In 1932 he changed the name of the firm to Paul & AH Cluver, with FA and AH Cluver being appointed as associates. In October 1965 AH Cluver, after 62 years as a practising attorney, was granted Honorary Membership by the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope. In 1950 Ralph Paul Cluver, son of AH Cluver, joined his father’s practice and remained as a partner, until his retirement in 1980.

The Markotter-part of the firm dates back to 1906, when August Friedrich Markotter, the legendary “Oubaas Mark” of rugby fame, moved to Stellenbosch and joined the firm Krige & Markotter as a partner. The name of the firm was later changed to AF Markotter & Son. Well-known partners of this firm were CF Markotter (brother of AF Markotter), CLH Markotter (son of AF), and Abraham Barend de Villiers who joined the firm in 1945 but, after a few years, accepted an academic position at the Faculty of Law at the Stellenbosch University where he served as professor and dean of the faculty.

In 1970 AF Markotter & Son merged with Hofmeyr & Basson to form Markotter Basson & Marais. CLH Markotter retired, with JAA Basson (Koos) and PG Marais remaining as partners. On 1 May 1973, Paul & AH Cluver and Markotter Basson & Marais merged to form Cluver Markotter and the firm has since practised under this name.

On 1 March 1994 Meintjes & Champion another firm of repute and long standing (the second oldest law firm in Stellenbosch after Cluver Markotter) merged with Cluver Markotter. Two partners from Meintjes & Champion – Peter Hill and Paul Viljoen – joined the firm.