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At Cluver Markotter, we don’t just hire; we invest in potential. Our appointment process focuses on candidates who exhibit the promise to uphold our legal standards.

More about Cluver Markotter

For over 130 years, we have established a distinguished legacy of providing trusted legal services that adhere to the highest ethical standards. As a team, we remain committed to achieving excellence in various fields of law, constantly drawing inspiration from our diverse clientele.

We render legal services to clients throughout South Africa

Our team comprises up to 30 experienced professionals, offering legal services to clients throughout South Africa. Our extensive client base ranges from individuals to small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, tertiary education institutions, companies listed on the JSE, and city councils. Furthermore, our location in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, one of South Africa’s largest wine farming communities, allows us to provide specialised legal services to clients in the farming and wine industry.

At Cluver Markotter, we are proud to support and contribute to the local community where we practice. Our participation and investment of various resources are geared towards making a difference.

Candidate attorneys opportunities

At our established law firm, we maintain a selective approach to our appointment process, prioritising the selection of exceptional candidates who display the potential to become valuable additions to our team.

While strong academic credentials are a prerequisite for employment at our firm, we recognise that several other skills and attributes can indicate a candidate’s potential to become a successful attorney. Therefore, we seek candidates who demonstrate the following qualities:

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What candidate attorneys can expect

Open-Door Policy

As a candidate attorney at Cluver Markotter, you can expect an open-door policy that facilitates easy access to comprehensive knowledge and mentorship from our esteemed Directors. Our Directors are always available to provide guidance and advice, ensuring that you have the support you require to excel in your role.

Wide Scope and Depth

At Cluver Markotter, we take great pride in our ability to provide exceptional legal services to a broad spectrum of businesses and unique clients. Our wide scope and depth equip us to handle intricate cases and deliver outstanding outcomes. Our management structures ensure that you have the opportunity to work on compelling cases and receive on-the-job training directly from our experienced Directors.

Flexible Rotation Schedules

Additionally, we offer flexible rotation schedules across various fields of law and departments, with a particular emphasis on Commercial Law, Property Law, and Litigation departments. This affords you the opportunity to gain exposure to diverse areas of legal practice, work alongside different attorneys and clients, and obtain valuable experience in different styles of legal practice.

Assigned Mentorship

We understand that commencing your legal career can be intimidating. Thus, we have implemented an assigned mentorship programme for all our candidate attorneys. From day one, you will be paired with an experienced mentor who has been through the same process as you and will guide you through the two-year programme. This mentorship programme provides assistance, training, and advice to help you develop the necessary skills for a successful career in the legal industry.

Got what it takes? Apply Now

If you’re a strong academic candidate with a passion for a career in law and the potential to become a partner, we want to hear from you.

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    Join our Student Vacation Programme

    Take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in law by joining our Student Vacation Programme.

    The purpose of the programme

    The programme aims to help students explore their interests in the field of law, learn about the daily tasks and challenges faced by legal professionals, and get a taste of what it's like to work as an attorney at Cluver Markotter.

    The how and the when

    Held during the June holidays, this three-day programme provides law students with the perfect opportunity to witness the various departments within our established firm and engage with our attorneys before applying as a candidate attorney.


    During the vacation programme, you'll be introduced to our experienced attorneys who will share their knowledge and expertise with you through discussions and practical examples. You'll learn about the daily tasks and challenges faced by our legal teams and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to deliver top-quality legal services to our clients. Click here to apply.

    Got what it takes? Apply Now

    If you’re a strong academic candidate with a passion for a career in law and the potential to become a partner, we want to hear from you.

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