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The National Wills Week, a social-outreach and access-to-justice initiative of the Law Society of South (LSSA), from 11 to 15 September 2023,

The geographical status of land – whether it falls inside a township – will co-determine the rights of the owner to evict

Two recent judgments of the Western Cape High Court on interim orders pending divorce proceedings indicate a change of approach.  In deciding

In Minister of Water and Sanitation and Others v Lotter N.O and Others [2023] ZACC 9 (15 March 2023) the Constitutional Court

A person with some cognitive impairment may be incapable of making a will at some times, but of sound mind at other

Amendments were made to the Trust Property Control Act and the Regulations thereto aimed at combating money laundering and terrorist financing which

An attorney can advise you on all the legal implications of your estate plan. Estate planning is a crucial step in ensuring

It often happens that companies do not receive important CCMA communication because a former employee used incorrect or no-longer-used contact details in

The “conduit-pipe” principle is often relied on when tax on vested benefits from a trust is in issue. The desired result from

Introduction Owners of non-residential properties in certain categories must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (“EPC”) by no later than 7 December 2022

Where directors of a company allow their personal financial interests to interfere with their duties to the company the consequences can be

Residential property owners using their homes in contravention of the property’s zoning provisions should take note of a judgment of the Supreme

INTRODUCTION   The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”) is an independent body that aims to promote fair labour practices by resolving

The Cluver Markotter family is very pleased to welcome Catherine Cox who has taken over from Marike Koen (who has emigrated to

The manner of and reasons for termination of an employment relationship will determine the rights and obligations of the parties under the

What is a Power of Attorney? A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document whereby a person, the principal, grants legal

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