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Lockdown lists: Get your important documents in order. by Sisteen Geyser

During these uncertain times, it is even more important to ensure that your family members have access to the following information and documents:

  • Important Documents: Copy of your Will and, if applicable, the originals of any trust documents, title deeds, insurance policy documents, investment certificates, registration document(s) of motor vehicle(s), marriage certificate, ante nuptial contract and copies of all the latest investment statements and mortgage agreement.
  • Names and full contact details of: Attorney, financial advisor(s), tax advisor, stockbroker and short-term insurance broker, and details of your pension fund or investments, life insurance, medical aid, and short-term insurance.
  • Details of business interests held and business associates to contact.
  • Details of movable and personal assets like motor vehicles and any valuable assets like paintings or collections.
  • A list of all bank and mortgage loan account numbers and of all debit orders and stop orders that may have to be cancelled or transferred, as well as a list of all accounts held with institutions like Telkom, cell phone company.
  • A living will, should you wish to express any specific wishes about any medical treatment, family arrangements or funeral arrangements.

Please contact our Trust and Estates Department for a more complete list, or should you have any further questions about your Estate and related important documents.



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