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Tidy up before the end of the year! Get your important documents in order.

It is important that your family at all times have access to important legal documents and information.

Important legal documents include a copy of your Will; the originals of any Trust Deed; title deeds; mortgage documents; share certificates; insurance policies; investment certificates; registration certificates of motor vehicles; marriage certificate; ante nuptial contract and copies of the latest investment statements.

 Important information includes the names and contact details of your Attorney; Financial Advisor; Tax Advisor; Stockbroker; Short Term Insurance Broker, and details of your Pension Fund and other Investments; Life Insurance; Medical Aid; and Short Term Insurance; as well as a list of valuable movable assets like paintings or other items of value.

Numbers and access codes: We live in a world of numbers and passwords and it is important to keep an updated list and to make arrangements for access by your family if you are no longer around. The list should include bank and loan account numbers; debit order details; and a list of all subscriptions and accounts with service providers like Telkom; cell phone companies; and online service providers.

Last but not least, and sombre as it may be, your wishes in respect of funeral arrangements like cremation or burial should be made clear.

For a more complete list, and should you have any further questions about matters concerning your Estate, please contact our Estate and Trust Department.

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