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5 Reasons to do Estate Planning TODAY

Drawing up a Will and doing Estate Planning may sound like hard work, but here are some reasons why you should do this TODAY:

  1. It means that you are providing for your loved ones:

In addition to looking after your health and the health of your family, you also should be planning for their financial wellbeing after your death.  None of us wants to think about dying, but to neglect planning for it can be disastrous for your family.

  1. No estate is too small for planning:

Even if you think that you do not own much, you need to plan for somebody to be appointed as Executor of your Estate.  You have to make provision for a Guardian if you have minor children, and plan how inheritances of minors should be managed after your death.

  1. With proper advice, the process is not complicated:

You may think that Estate Planning is complicated and difficult.  Now is the time to discuss with our experts the questions you have.  They can explain the process, and advise on which documents you need to have drawn up.

  1. Estate Planning need not be time-consuming:

Once you have discussed the basics with one of our experts and taken the important decisions, most of the planning process can be done via email or the telephone.  We will then finalize the documents for your signature, and assist you with the formalities.

  1. Spending money now will save money later:

Yes, it will cost money to have an attorney draw up your Will and Estate Plan, but having a properly drawn up Will, which has been executed (signed) correctly, ensures that there will be no complications after your death.  If your Estate Plan is updated regularly to take into account any changes in legislation, you also ensure that no unnecessary taxes are paid after your death.

Should you want to draw up a Will, or update your Will, or simply check that your Estate Plan still meets your needs, you are most welcome to contact our Trust and Estate Planning Department today.

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