At Cluver Markotter, we as a team pride ourselves on our firm’s legacy of rendering trusted legal services at the highest ethical standards for more than 125 years. We continually strive to excel in the various fields of law in which our team specialises. As a team we draw inspiration from our diverse client base and are committed and dedicated to meet the legal challenges faced by our clients.

Our team at Cluver Markotter consists of 30 professionals and our office is situated in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch. We render legal services to clients throughout South Africa and our client base range from individuals, small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, tertiary education institutions, companies listed on the JSE and city councils. Given our location in one of South Africa’s largest wine farming communities, we also render specialist legal services to various clients in the farming and wine industry.

We believe that it is important to support and contribute to the local community where we practice. As a firm we are therefore committed to making various social contributions in and around our community and eagerly participate and invest various resources to make a difference in our community.

At Cluver Markotter we are proud of our rich heritage and the growth that our firm has shown over the past few years. We remain dedicated and inspired to continue rendering exceptional legal services.

Our distinguished history


Paul August Carl Dietrich Cluver starts to practice under the name of PD Cluver at 6 Bird Street, Stellenbosch.


August Friedrich Markotter, the legendary “Ou Baas” of rugby fame, moves to Stellenbosch and joins the Krige and Markotter as a partner, becoming AF Markotter & Son.

1914 – 1921

PD Cluver’s brothers, FA Cluver and AH Cluver, join him as professional assistants.

1927 – 1930

Paul Cluver becomes a member of the Provincial Board. He becomes the first person to be nominated as an honorary member of the Municipal Association of the Cape.


FA & AH Cluver become associates as PD Cluver, leading the firm changing their name to Paul and AH Cluver.


Ralph Paul Cluver, son of AH Cluver, joins his father’s practice and remains a partner until his retirement in 1980


AH Cluver, after 62 years as practising attorney, granted Honorary Membership by the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope.


AF Markotter en Seun merges with Hofmeyer en Marais to form Markotter, Basson en Marais.


The birth of Cluver Markotter. Paul & AH Cluver merges with Markotter Basson and Marais.


Cluver Markotter is joined by the second-oldest law firm in Stellenbosch, namely Meintjes and Champion.


Cluver Markotter celebrates its 125th year anniversary.